How to Pick a Small San Diego Venue For Your Intimate Wedding

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When looking for small wedding venues in San Diego, CA, it’s important to take your time and search your community. Getting a feel for the available venues in your area will help you create a list of options for your big day. While you’ll want to look at practical concerns, such as wait staff and parking availability, you’ll also want to consider the aesthetics.

Choose a Venue That Fits Your Style

Even if you’re not planning a themed wedding, you will have a specific style in mind. Decorations can help you match the venue to your dream wedding, but it also helps to look for a venue that fits your sense of taste. For example, consider an outdoor venue if you want to create a greener setting. For a more modern wedding, look for a newer building, such as an event hall or small warehouse.

Keep to Your Guest List

It’s easy to let a guest list grow and grow until your small wedding has turned into a huge event. Know who you want to invite to your wedding and keep to that short list. In counting those guests, don’t forget to include each guest’s plus one to keep an accurate estimate. This will help you choose a small venue that will still be large enough to accommodate everyone.

Choose a Good Location

As you tour small wedding venues in San Diego, CA, pay attention to your surroundings. Is there a beautiful outdoor vista where you can host the wedding? Even if you don’t want an outdoor wedding, a seaside or wooded location can provide the perfect background for your wedding photographs. You should also consider the venue’s proximity to stores, hotels, and other community resources that will appeal to your guests.

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